Sunday, November 27, 2016

Class Interviews

One of my favorite interviews we have done in class so far has been with Daniela Bascope and Iván Tamayo. I thought it was very interesting being able to interview a couple that both work and have had a lot of success in this business. I thought both of them were very genuine and excited to share their stories and opinions with us. As a couple, they are adorable and you could see how much they cared for each other throughout the entire interview.

During the interview, I asked them how being a couple in this business affects them and what are the positives and negatives of being in this business with a significant other. Daniela started saying that it is wonderful because being with someone who is not an actor causes complications because the other person does not know the world of acting. She gave examples of having to kiss co-starts for a show and working long and late hours. These are aspects of her job that she cannot change and to be with someone who has an issue with these things puts a lot of stress on a relationship. I thought this was a very interesting aspect that I had not thought about. The demanding life of a telenovela actor is something that they cannot change. I already think famous actors have a hard enough time finding a significant other as it is. They don’t know if someone they date only likes them for their fame or if they will be able to handle the stress that comes along with dating someone in this business. It makes sense why actors would gravitate to dating people in the same business after Daniela pointed out the extra stresses that come along with dating those who are not in the business. Having someone by your side that can understand why you work as many hours and understand all the aspects that come along with acting can most definitely make a relationship much easier.

Iván pointed out that it is like having someone on your team. Because of the field they work in, they are both constantly hustling for jobs and you need a support system to give you the encouragement you need to be successful and to keep you going. He was also saying its nice being with someone in the same boat: they both just moved to Mexico and are trying to make it big there. I think having someone that understands the struggles and having someone to celebrate the success with that understands every aspect of the industry is something that is hard to replace.

Besides the more common issues couples face, I thought it was interesting they did not have many negatives to talk about besides how the long hours can be hard on any relationship. It makes me happy to know that even with high demanding jobs, couples that put in the work can still have a loving and fulfilling relationship. 


  1. Siempre he preguntado cómo era ser un actor o actriz en una relación, y viceversa. Yo sé que la profesión de actor no es siempre real, pero me sentiría tan incómodo viendo una película o un show de la persona que estoy enamorada con mientras él acta como si estuviera enamorado de otra chica. Como Daniela dijo en su entrevista, estar con alguien que no es un actor puede causa complicaciones. Puedo imaginar. Ella dio ejemplos de cómo podría estropear una relación si la otra persona no entiende la profesión de actor. Para mí, mi mayor problema sería pensar demasiado si realmente estaba enamorados de mí o simplemente "actuando". ¡Sería imposible saber cuándo están mintiendo o realmente felices, porque se ha acostumbrado a fingiendo! Yo estaría demasiado nerviosa para ser con un actor.

    Eso me lleva al punto de que tanto como las personas idolatran y / o quieren ser un actor o actriz, la vida puede ser extremadamente difícil y deprimente. Iván y Daniela son muy afortunados porque son capaces de pasar sus largas horas juntos y ambos entienden teniendo un trabajo muy exigente. Me encantó la comparación de Iván de “estar en una relación es como tener a alguien en su equipo.”Estoy muy feliz sobre la exitosa de su relación, y espero que dura para siempre!

  2. También estoy de acuerdo, y escribió sobre esto en mi blog. Fue muy interesante ver cómo Daniela trata de salir con un actor y cómo esa relación va en términos de trabajar con su cónyuge y trabajar con otro actor. Creo que este es un caso muy especial porque no hay muchos casos donde un trabajo requiere que usted realice físicamente de una manera que puede hacer que su marido o esposa se sienta incómodo. Creo que entrar en una relación con otra persona en el negocio requiere mucha paciencia y comprensión, y hablar con Daniela y su esposo, era muy claro que ambos eran respetuosos y entendían lo que el trabajo implica. Creo que mucha gente no piensa en esto cuando piensan en lo que los actores tienen que hacer como un trabajo, creo que esto puede poner fácilmente una tensión enorme en una relación y que se necesita mucho valor y fuerza hasta la fecha un Actor y ser paciente y amable cuando se trata de su trabajo.

  3. I think that Daniela and Iván were my favorite interviewees, too. They both were so multi-talented, having experience in acting, writing, and directing, and I think this brought a lot of depth and content to the conversation. I also really liked the aspect they brought to the conversation with their vulnerability into their married life because it made them a little bit more relatable and human-like, less like celebrities. And then of course reading about Daniela's health issues from years ago and hearing her talk about that journey made her all the more inspiring.

    Not that I sympathize dramatically for celebrities who end up ending their marriages, but it was really cool to speak to people who are very famous in the entertainment industry and know how to make it work. And I think it ultimately speaks truth to the fact that no matter where we are in life, no matter your profession or personality, you need people in your life that support you. Not just spouses, but relationships in general are so important to our personal growth and success.