Friday, September 16, 2016

Con Fuego

The first little section of Celia is pretty intricate. It seems that my telenovela is coming together even a little bit slower than others in our class. There are a lot of parallel story lines happening that take time to come together.

I've noticed the scenes unfolding a lot like a play. It only uses moving shots to show space, but it doesn't use them to show characters from dynamic angles. The production doesn't flaunt camera work. The camera is secondary to following the characters. They frame the camera with people to show circular conversations a lot. 

Brief flashbacks are shown in black and white to signify that a character is thinking about that moment. It's a real digression sometimes and it throws me off, but I can definitely see that the producers wanted to throw in a traditional spin. The audience was in the hospital just about every ten minutes, and those scenes were like pulling teeth. I've spent years trying to train myself to respond with diligence to a situation, In telenovelas, they just react. Emotionally, Blowing their lids off at everything. Maybe telenovelas are a contribution to the stereotype of the Latinas con fuego.

I've been having difficulty going through the consuming process. Sometimes I was feeling like there was a lot to keep up with. A lot of the scenes tend to jump a lot. I will have to grow better at reading into the developing characters in Spanish. This is a process I really like in English. I can get into it if there is something cerebral that weaves together an intricate net of detail in people's lives. Characters here sometimes only get represented in one light. I certainly see difficulty for the way that women are displayed in the spotlight, but I don't think it is tons more devious than how men are depicted either. There are very few stable men in the show. They are all absolute feigns for whatever their cause is: Either money, sexual promiscuity, or even abuse and molestation. Several characters just look like absolutely terrible heathen in every single one of their shots. 

With the drama, I already feel like I have enough on my plate that it is so hard for me to take on all these stupid burdens of other people in this show. It's hard to find the desire to want to feel with the individual characters because of how far apart we are. They are all so k-9, it hardly shows the thought process for anything. I personally spend way more time thinking before I move or say something.. telenovelas are grueling for people who want to overcome ADHD or something. Let me talk about all the things I love in another post! Como la musica!

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