Thursday, September 15, 2016

My First Impression from the Sisters in Tres Veces Ana

 This semester I’m watching Tres Veces Ana, which is a (traditional rosa) Mexican telenovela. At first it was really confusing to keep up with the plot because the main character, Angelique Boyer, plays Ana Leticia, Ana Laura and Ana Lucia, three identical sisters. However, as the first episode continued, I noticed how the producers decided to differentiate between the three sisters.  Ana Leticia, the ‘evil’ sister, is dressed with very fashionable clothes and always has red lipstick.  You can automatically tell she’s supposed to be the mischievous one, with the way she walks, dresses and affectionately touches the male characters. The reddish/brownish wavy hair adds to her sex appeal as well. Watching the show, I instantly hate Ana Leticia because you can tell that she caused her parent’s accident, caused her sister to lose her leg and she ended up coming out unscathed. Since she was a child, you could tell she was the one who got everything she wanted and the one time her father tried to discipline her, she disobeyed and killed her parents. Though of course she has had to experience tragic loss (her parents and her husband) and sadness, I don’t feel sorry for her because she’s miserable and is trying to drag everyone down with her. She’s manipulative and you can tell by the tinkle in her eyes. When she gives her sister, Ana Laura, the gift from Mexico, she tries to act like she didn’t know the gift of the skirt would offend her, playing innocent when she knows exactly what she’s doing. (Her sister has one leg, so you could see why she wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea of wearing a skirt) This scene made me so upset because after the exchange, Ana Laura ends up apologizing to Ana Leticia for taking the ‘mistake’ too personally. The producers and writers do a very good job of differentiating between the personalities of the sisters though they are the same actress. Ana Lucia is very carefree and relaxed. Ana Laura is very timid, scared, and blames herself for different situations.  And of course, Ana Leticia is very sexy, malicious, and devious.
Ana Leticia has the classic villain vibe, willing to hurt her family members to show that she’s in control and anyone who steps in her way, will have to deal with her. There was one scene where she was at dinner with her uncle Mariano and his girlfriend Jenny. Mariano went to answer a phone call and Ana Leticia placed suspicion in Jenny’s mind by implying that her uncle was on the phone with another woman. At first, I was wondering, what would be Ana Leticia’s motive for breaking up her uncle’s relationship. Then I later realized, she clearly has a inappropriate affection for her uncle and doesn’t want him to be Jenny so that he can focus all his time and money on Ana Leticia. I’m anxious to see if Jenny will stay in the picture or how Ana Leticia plans to get rid of her, because I’m sure that’s what’s going to happen.
  Then there’s of course Ana Lucia. I feel bad for her most of all; she doesn’t know her past and questions and dreams have been arising in her mind. She’s in a place where she doesn’t want a boyfriend, wants to focus on herself and not love and I love that she doesn’t feel like she needs a man. She has curly hair, which adds to her carefree aesthetic, and is also a talented dancer. I identify with her the most because she’s just the ‘girl next door’, lives by a beautiful area, but I can tell her life is about to drastically change with the addition of the truth. Ana Laura is the sensitive one; the audience can tell she’s used to silencing herself and she sulks all day. She genuinely wants the best for others and never puts herself first. Her hair is bland and straight, similar to her personality, though I know she will transform as the show continues.

   As the season continues, I hope that Ana Leticia gets humbled quickly because she clearly thinks the world revolves around her and would love if she could get a dose of reality. I would like to see Ana Laura find her voice, get married, and realize that she deserves to be happy as well. I would like to see Ana Lucia find the truth about her family, yet still find the strength to forgive ‘her mom. I'm noticing the archetypal character types in these sisters, which is why I can predict what might happen with each one, but I can tell I’m in for a lot of plot twists and it’s got me hooked so far.

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