Thursday, October 13, 2016

Telenovela Production

When I think about telenovelas, prior to this class, I never thought about the actual production of them. I just thought of the actual show itself and the drama-filled episodes. So, this unit of class has truly been incredibly interesting to me. I am blown away by the behind the scenes of these worlds that the telenovelas create for their viewers. I was especially surprised by the way they so technically direct the love scenes!

I wanted to do some more research on the way that telenovelas are being produced in America, since Silvana sin Lana is made for Telemundo USA in Miami. I found a really cool article from ABC News that featured the way the telenovela industry has just absolutely exploded in the USA.

The most interesting facts I read in the article included the way that Univision is now the 4th top network in the entire country! This seems so crazy and cool to me because if there is one thing the US is not lacking in it, it’s TV stations and shows. So, the fact that people are choosing to watch telenovelas so much in the US is pretty awesome. Especially since there are so many American soap operas that are being cancelled, like All My Children and One Life to Live.

The article also described the way that telenovelas produce their content at such a fast rate. One actress described how their show shoots 40 scenes per day on a small budget on $120,000, compared to the 2 million dollar budgets that American soap operas operate on. The sheer magnitude of the production of these telenovelas surprises me and fascinates me.

I would love to know the specific budgets and timelines for the production of my telenovela, so I may need to do some more digging to find those facts – I think it’s safe to say I’m hooked on this topic.


  1. Hey Kaci! I totally agree with you! I think it's fascinating to see how popular telenovelas have become in the US. The fact that Univision is the 4th top network in the country is absolutely astounding! It's important to understand that the primary reason for this is the growing Latino population in the US. Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in the US. In fact, by 2050, it is estimated that approximately 30% of the US population will identify as Latino. Therefore, it is logical that networks like Univision and Telemundo have grown in popularity and influence as the population has grown. Latinos also have the largest purchasing power amongst minorities in the US. Therefore, networks are making a larger percentage of profits off of commercials by tapping into the Latino market. Similarly, the overall Spanish speaking population in the US has grown and many people have turned to telenovelas to learn and practice their Spanish. I think it's fair to predict that the telenovela business in the United States will continue to boom as the Latino community continues to grow.

  2. Kaci, creo que la producción de telenovelas es muy interesante también! La cantidad de tiempo y dinero gastado en telenovelas y telenovelas es increíble. Durante este semestre, vi la Avenida Brasil. Esta telenovela se hace en Brasil y la producción es alta. Por lo tanto, la telenovela está bellamente hecha. Si usted está interesado en la producción, usted debe mirar Avenida Brasil.