Thursday, October 13, 2016

Production in Telenovelas: Script Writing

One thing I found absolutely crazy from our discussion in class was that writers for telenovelas create roughly 30-40 pages of script per day for one show. As someone who has had the struggle of writing  25-page college research papers, it blows my mind to think that people can create exciting and original content every single day to be read on screen. Especially with shows that have 80 or 100 episodes in a season, it's hard to imagine how a writer is able to sit down and write that many episodes while keeping the storyline fresh and interesting for the viewers.

When considering the quick production of scripts, another point of interest for me how script writers are able to adapt very similar storylines over and over again while changing the details enough to keep the plot and characters interesting enough for the audience. As discussed in class, telenovelas all contain very similar plots, drama sources, even the same actors. So why are people still so excited to consume them when the basis of the storyline production is the same?

For example, it's extremely impressive to me that the writers are able to spin the classic Cinderella storyline into the central plot line for a season of 120+ episodes. Especially when the script is so rapidly produced, how do they have time to deeply think about the direction the plot will go later on in the season? For me, it seems that their ability to interweave smaller characters' love stories or strife into the script for smaller segments of the show is what can drive the central plot for that long.

With writers producing such huge amounts of script per day (with recycled plot bases), but I would assume it would make the quality of the writing, and furthermore the show, to suffer. However, as telenovelas are so widely consumed and beloved, it seems that this writing style doesn't affect the audience's ability to get sucked into the drama.


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I completely agree with you about how crazy it is that most of these writers create 30-40 pages of content per day. On top of that, actors have to memorize and deliver these lines quickly and effectively. Any aspect of work on a telenovela set is incredibly fast paced. One thing I'd like to mention that is very impressive is the fact that writers are constantly having to react to ratings. If the ratings begin to drop, they have to adjust and rewrite/re-plan ideas in order to maintain the audience's interest.

  2. Elizabeth, creo que es increíble lo rápido que los escritores de telenovela pueden desarrollar guiones. Apenas puedo terminar mi página de blogs de una página dentro del tiempo que tarda los escritores para escribir 30-40 páginas. Creo que para ser un escritor de telenovelas tienes que tener habilidades creativas y de escritura. Además, creo que los escritores deben ser capaces de pensar en sus pies porque las telenovelas pueden cambiar rápidamente. Me encantaría observar la vida cotidiana de un escritor de telenovelas.