Thursday, October 13, 2016

Telenovela Production in U.S

      Growing Hispanic audiences, tax breaks and marketing techniques are contributing to the increase in production of telenovelas in the United States. Several years ago, one would say that Mexico was at the top in terms of production, but lower crimes rates and safer environments for families are prompting actors and production companies like Telemundo and Univision to move production to the States. Although telenovelas form Mexico are still widely successful, Miami-based productions have seen an increase in production growing $11.5 million in 2009 to over $40 million in 2011. Many actors contribute this growth to how much safer of an environment America is in comparison to countries like Mexico. Vice president for novela development at Telemundo, Roberto Stopello says that actors have told him they do not want their kids being kidnapped in my country, making the move to Miami all that easier. From a production stand point, producing telenovelas in Miami is not only more economical for the shows but also from an advertising stand point as American companies like Buick use the telenovela actors to produce commercials in between shoots. The actors, who get paid more for being in commercials, would not have this opportunity if production took place in Mexico. 
       For Columbia-born Sofia Vergara, moving to the United States got her a break on "Modern Family" after originally producing with Univision. Luis Balaguer, founder and chief executive of Latin World Entertainment, says years ago he would have never advised actors to move to Miami but now sees a completely different light. Balaguer's goal in working with telenovela actors is to first move them to the United States, begin production, and transition the actors to English-language networks, as Vergara did. This move in production from more dangerous countries in Central and Latin American are a win-win as both actors and producers can work in a safer area environment with more economical benefits. 

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