Wednesday, August 24, 2016


When discussing this class with my advisor, she mentioned it was a fun and interesting class that is especially great for those that have a Spanish minor or understand parts of Spanish. I wasn’t sure what a “telenovela” was, but I was open to trying it! I have been to Brazil and Costa Rica, so I am familiar with some aspects of their culture and how the locals feel about their country and history, so I knew this class would also give me more insight to the culture and history of some Spanish-speaking countries.

            In America, Soap Operas and the shows that are very dramatic with poor quality, are rarely watched and even aired in today’s world. They also are only broadcasted during inconvenient times such as early to mid-afternoon, when most people are at work or school. There is not much talk about these shows; there aren’t any trailers or advertisements for them. With this being said, I was also hesitant about taking a class on telenovelas, worrying that it would be boring, just like the American soap operas.

            To my surprise, the first day of class really had me intrigued by telenovelas. They weren’t boring, and there was so many of them! I had no idea how huge they actually were in other countries. I’m really excited for this class and to learn more about the culture of the countries with telenovelas. They are expanding all over the world, thus allowing us to learn about more and more countries. The drama, suspense, mystery, and love make the telenovelas addicting. You never know what turn could come next in the show. Also the fact that there aren't any seasons for telenovelas and you never know how long they could last has me very interested. It's always sad to me when I know the end of a season or show is coming up, so I'm anxious to see how I will feel not knowing when the ending will occur. I’m still trying to find a telenovela that has English subtitles, but I can’t wait to start watching my telenovela!

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