Thursday, December 1, 2016

Marisa Roman Through the Years

The other day our class had the greatest opportunity to Skype call the actress of Maria Suspiro in Cosita Rica, Maria Roman, and I could not get over how friendly and down to Earth she was! She sat there in an airport talking to this random group of college students from the University of Georgia across the globe from her and was so gracious with her time. I left the class telling me friends how much I adored her, her humility, and her bubbly personality. I've watched two episodes of Cosita Rica, and I can't believe she hasn't aged a bit! I decided to make my final post about her life over this decade since she's played Maria Suspiro.

She is from Venezuela so she has worked for great Venevision shows written by Leonardo Padron, a famous writer who we also got the privilege to talk to. She began acting as a child, but didn't have her big breakthrough until 2004 when she was set to play twins, Veronica and Maria Suspiro. Dr. A says she was honestly playing four characters at one time though: Veronica, Maria Suspiro, Maria Suspiro pretending to be Veronica, and Veronica pretending to be Maria Suspiro. I can't imagine how difficult this must have been, but she absolutely owned these roles, and made her side story more interesting than the main story outshining the lead protagonists of Cosita Rica.

Ciudad Bendita and and La Mujer Perfecta are also two mega-famous telenovelas she was a major role in as well. I'm so glad we got to see her in these three roles in clips we watched in class because it was hard for me to think they were all the same one actress. She is so versatile and so compelling in each role. She is quite possibly my favorite telenovela actress, and how she handled our Skype meeting solidified this.

At the young age of 34, she has completely conquered the telenovelas scene throughout the years not only in Venezuela, but in countries like the United States as well. She continues to use her fame to better society by raising awareness for HIV prevention. What's even greater is her IMDb biography is written by Dr. A herself! So thankful to have been able to get to know her personality outside of scripts because she is such a light.


  1. Though I haven't seen Cosita Rica, Maria Suspiro was one of my favorite people we spoke to. It was really awesome of her to talk to us in the middle of an airport and answer all of our questions. I didn't know she was active in promoting awareness of HIV prevention and always love to hear about celebrities who use their platform to give back in some way.

  2. I am so glad you wrote your last blog post about Maria. I was unable to be in class this day and I was so disappointed to miss her, so hearing about it was so cool to me. I love to hear that she was so nice and down to earth - not all actors are! I also think it's awesome that Dr. A wrote her IMDb bio - I have to go read it!