Thursday, December 1, 2016


 The past few weeks in the class have been amazing. I've throughly enjoyed talking to multiple people about their careers in the telenovela world. One thing I cannot seem to forget is how genuine each person was. I feel like they don't act the way of celebrities in the United States. I'm sure some have egos and like things there way, but egos are a different world. 
  My favorite from the writers is to see how they break tradition in the telenovela world. I've enjoyed watching the final shows to see the traditional settings. As Dr. A went through the finales in chronological order--- the shows veered off the traditional side more and more which really interested me. Though the culture is in their ways, society and the human race in a whole is changing and evolving in their ways and culture not just the United States. 
   Unless we talk about the Turkish telenovelas in terms of sex, it is hard to understand how the show Kara Para Ask is about gang raping in the beginning and still don't show the explicit rape scenes or don't believe it in their culture. It must be one of those we don't see and don't ask or don't tell types of situations. Though, some telenovelas depending on what was the topic, I feel like the sexual scenes were not intense unless it was a traditional just love telenovela. The narcos had of course sex scenes but I feel like they don't last as long as the more of love telenovelas. 
   Also, I really enjoyed watching the two different finales for La Reina de Sur. It's confusing to see how they changing the music for the show in Espana. They changed the whole identify of "La Mexicana." I didn't understand how they thought their viewers would like that better. Music definitely empowers a telenovela and sets the tone or vibe for the show. 

  Overall---- this class has been a true joy. I've loved every minute. I've learned more about the Spanish culture than I could ever imagine. I already have started a new telenovela and continue to in the future. 

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