Thursday, December 1, 2016

Final Episodes

How ironic is it that I sit here typing about the final episode of my telenovela while also beginning to wrap up the end of this class. Only two words come to mind: Bitter and sweet. While reflecting on my experience in this class and with my telenovela, I am filled with mixed emotions as I want neither to end. I guess this is why they say "All good things must come to an end." Although I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Dr. A's class, I am sad to see the class come to an end. In terms of my telenovela, I am also upset that the first season has come to an end but I know the series will continue on.

In the final episode of my telenovela "El Señor de los Cellos," Aureillo is cutting it very close to being captured by authorities. Because of this, he decides to undergo massive plastic surgery to alter his facial appearance. During the surgery, however, something goes wrong putting Aurelio's life in danger to the point where the heart monitor was flat lining. Aurelio's son then takes matters into his own hands, shooting and killing one of the doctors. While watching the final episode and seeing what appears to be the end of Aurelio's life, many emotions came over me. First, the fact that the main character was going to die which almost never happens. Second, I felt more confused then anything, form a production standpoint, because how can the main character die when there are multiple seasons to be made after the finale. It was through this thought, though, that I felt comfort in knowing this truly was not the end for Aurelio. As the episode progressed as though Aurelio had died, I felt hesitant to take the bate the telenovela wanted me to take in accepting Aurelio's death. As the final minutes of the season wrapped up, my heart began to pound as Aurelio had yet to reappear. I remember thinking, "Did he really die?" I told my self, "No, there is no way." I continued to refresh the bar at the bottom of my computer telling me how much time was left. I remember it saying 43 seconds remaining and still, no Aurelio. Just as I was about to accept Aurelio's death and wonder just how crazy the producer/writer of  "El Señor de los Ciellos" must be, Aurelio reappeared. To summarize the scene, Aurelio's daughter was playing with a ball in the street during the final scene when the ball rolled down the hill. in slow motion the ball bounced down the hill until it was stopped by, guess who? Aurelio had reappeared, his hat shading his face in the bright sun. After seeing this, all I could think was "wow." This is truly what makes the telenovela genre so intriguing; their ability to keep viewers hooked until the very last second. To be completely honest, I knew Aurelio was not going to die but I will give Telemundo credit because they had come very close to convincing me he did through their use of drama and slow, built up scenes.

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