Thursday, December 1, 2016

Final Episode Thoughts

 Tuesday night, we got to wrap up the semester at Dr. A’s house by watching the final episode of some of the telenovelas that we’ve been following this entire semester. It was the perfect way to end the semester. We started out being introduced to Juana la Virgen, Ugly Betty, Fatmugual, and La Mujer Perfecta. We started out with the ‘despecho’ topic and the rising action, but now everything has come full circle with the final weddings and seeing how life will continue for each character. My favorite ending was La Mujer Perfecta. I feel like the last episode really encompassed what the goal of the telenovela was trying to portray. Everyone is perfect in their own way, even with their flaws, insecurities and disabilities. Also, little girls who have Aspergers or any other kind of disability will understand their situation. I also liked the fact that now her daughter would have someone to look up to and not have to feel weird or like an outsider. I love when a shows fast forward into the future; I find it extremely comforting. I think it’s because I like to think about how characters will live in the future and imagine what would happen so I like when the show already tells me what to expect.

The other finale that was very interesting was Cosita Rica. It was a very interesting approach to the last episode. After meeting Leonardo in class that day, I could tell he likes to write the unexpected and challenges himself to surprise the audience so I appreciate that. To me, it was similar to when reality shows end. The final episode features the cast and a live audience and you get to watch clips during the season and see what was really going on in the character’s head’s during those scenes. In the case of Cosita Rica, I think the audience would have really loved seeing anyone and everyone who ever appeared on the show and seeing where their lives would leave. Also, it was an interesting choice to have the writer do the voice over because he normally wouldn’t be exposed but its cool for the audience to see the voice of the show.  All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this class and learned a lot about tv production as a whole. Everything really isn’t as it seems but the way everything comes together so beautifully and how invested you get in a story keeps people like me coming back for more. Over the break, I plan to start Avenida Brasil (even though we watched the ending, I still really want to watch it)  I’m thankful for everything we’ve learned and discussed in this class and will carry it with me always.

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